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Airway Management

Resources to Review Prior to Conference

RSI Checklist


Dominating the Vent



Goals and Objectives

  • Trainee will demonstrate competence in basic airway evaluation and common interventions

  • Trainee will demonstrate competence in managing patients requiring rapid sequence intubation


Trainee will be able to:

  • List, recognize, and describe common airway equipment

    • Oxygen delivery equipment

    • Intubation equipment

    • Airway adjuncts

  • Recognize and describe basic airway anatomy

  • Define and explain common airway mnemonics:

    • LEMON (for intubation)

    • MOANS (for bag-mask ventilation)

    • SHORT (for surgical airway)

  • List and explain indications for intubation

  • Define rapid sequence intubation

  • List and describe airway management equipment necessary for rapid sequence intubation

    • Suction

    • Oxygen delivery (including BVM)

    • Airways (adjunct and definitive)

    • Laryngoscopes (direct and video)

    • Monitoring equipment (including EtCO2)

  • List and describe the steps of rapid sequence intubation

    • Planning

    • Preparation (equipment, drugs, staff)

    • Pre-oxygenation

    • Positioning

    • Pretreatment

    • Paralysis (with sedation)

    • Placement

    • Proof of placement

    • Post-intubation Management

  • List and describe the medications used for rapid sequence intubation

    • Sedatives

    • Paralytics

    • Adjuncts

  • List and describe the medications used for awake intubation

    • Topical anesthetics​

    • Vasoconstrictive agents

    • Anticholinergic agents

  • Describe the basic steps of direct, video, and fiberoptic laryngoscopy

  • Explain how to identify an endotracheal versus esophageal intubation

  • List and describe common scenarios that complicate rapid sequence intubation

    • Trauma (including cervical spine precautions, elevated ICP)

    • Hypotension

    • Hypoxia

    • Hypercarbia

    • Metabolic acidosis

  • Discuss the indications and how to perform transtracheal jet ventilation


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