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The EM Fundamentals books contain small group activities for each of the True Emergencies and Common Complaints, mastery learning checklists for each Essential Skills procedure, and an evaluation form to use for small group sessions.


In addition, the Facilitator Guide contains deployment tips, email templates, and faculty development material.

EMF Small Group Activities

The EM Fundamentals Workbook contains the prompts and cases for each activity, as well as space for note taking during discussion. Hard copies of the Workbook are available from Amazon and help keep learning points organized in one place. Electronic copies of the Workbook are available for free to download.

The EM Fundamentals Facilitator Guide contains all of the material from the Workbook, plus an answer key and discussion points for each activity. This format minimizes the work needed from small group facilitators, who will have discussion points and references at their fingertips without any preparation needed. This guide also contains tips and templates to facilitate easy deployment.


Hard copies of the Facilitator Guide are available from Amazon. Electronic copies are not available as part of the effort to minimize trainee access to small group answers before live sessions. Discounted copies of the Facilitator Guide are available for program leadership by contacting us directly.

Downloadable Resources


Here you can download copies of the EM Fundamentals Learner Workbook, Simulation Checklists, Small Group Evaluation Forms, and more.

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