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Goals and Objectives

  • Trainee will demonstrate competence in the initial evaluation and management of the febrile infant (<= 60 days old)


Trainee will be able to:

  • Apply prediction rules for risk stratifying infants 60 days old or younger

  • Explain when to utilize certain diagnostic tests for febrile infants, including:

    • Urinalysis and culture (including appropriate method of collection)

    • Peripheral blood diagnostic studies (e.g., CBC, procalcitonin)

    • Blood cultures

    • CSF analysis

    • Respiratory viral panels

    • Chest x-ray (limited indications)

  • Describe the indications for, appropriate timing of (relative to diagnostic studies), and choice of agent in empiric antibiotic therapy for febrile infants

  • Name the appropriate disposition for infants age 28 days or younger with fever

  • Describe which febrile children age 60 days or younger may be eligible for discharge


Additional Resources


Clinical Guidelines


Consensus Statements
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