GI Bleeding

Resources to Review Prior to Conference

Arrow - Goals and Objectives

Goals and Objectives

  • Trainee will demonstrate competence in the initial evaluation and management of patients with GI bleeding


Trainee will be able to:

  • List common etiologies of upper and lower GI bleeding

  • Define and recognize:

    • Hematemesis

    • Coffee-ground emesis

    • Melena

    • Hematochezia

    • BRBPR

  • List and discuss the rationale for acute diagnostic interventions indicated for patients with GI bleeding

  • List and discuss the indications for potential medical interventions for GI bleeding

    • Blood products

    • Anticoagulant reversal agents

    • PPIs

    • Somatostatin analogs

    • Antibiotics

  • Discuss the indications for admission, urgent vs emergent GI consultation, and surgical consultation

  • Explain the concept of massive transfusion protocols and indications for use

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Additional Resources



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Lower GI Bleeding
Reversal of Anticoagulation